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CNF Lab and Equipment Information

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AJA Sputter Deposition (AJA)
Load-lock single wafer, AJA sputter tool for deposition of thin metallic and dielectric films
Arradiance ALD Gemstar-6 (Arradiance ALD)
Arradiance ALD
CHA Evaporator (CHA)
3 Hearth Thermal Evaporator for Metal Films
CHA-Mark-50-Evaporator (Mark-50)
CHA Mark 50 E-beam Evaporator
CVC Sputter Deposition (CVC)
Magnetron Sputter system for depositing thin metal & dielectric films
Electroplating Hoods (Elec Plate)
Equipment for electroplating various metals
GSI Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition System
Oxford ALD FlexAL (ALD)
Atomic Layer Deposition
Oxford 100 PECVD System
Parylene Deposition (Parylene)
Tool for depositing conformal parylene films (Rm 228)
PVD75 Sputter Deposition 
ITO Sputter Deposition System
ReynoldsTech Conductive Polymer Vapor Deposition Tool (ReynoldsTech Conductive Polymer Vapor Deposition Tool - Rm 224)
Cluster tool for vapor-deposition of PEDOT or similar polymers
SC4500 Even-Hour Evaporator (SC4500 Even)
CVC SC4500 E-gun Evaporation System for deposition of thin films
SC4500 Odd-Hour Evaporator (SC4500 Odd)
CVC SC4500 Combination Thermal/ E-gun Evaporation System for deposition of thin films

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