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CAC Name: Fusion DUV

UV Curing Tool

Fusion UV Cure Backup: Garry Bordonaro
Equipment Training
Training is scheduled on an as-needed basis. The training does not take too much time, and most of it is focused on how to write and edit recipes. If you need training, please send Edward an email to schedule it.


The Fusion M150PC UV Photoresist Stabilizer tool is used for production-level UV curing and thermal processing of post developed photosensitive films. The tool is capable of running 100mm and 150mm wafers in single or in batch mode. Pieces can be run using handle wafers.


Batch Processing of 100mm, 150mm wafers
Temperature range 50 Degrees C to 240 Degrees C.
Independent activation of Thermal chuck and UV source.
UV Source has four modes of operation
Low power, High power, Flash and Off.
Flash is low power, measure by time it takes to reach the detector, in 0.1 sec increments, process time range 0-9.9 seconds.
Low and High process time range 1-999 second
Temperature ramp rate is limited by 2.5 Degrees per second
Process step range 0-999 seconds

Processes Available:

Process A

Three Steps

1.A constant temperature period of five seconds, accompanied by a “0” FLASH time when the cycle starts.
2.Temperature ramp from 100 degrees C to 200 degrees C for a duration of 50 seconds
3.Constant temperature for five seconds at 200 degrees C.


UV curing yields stronger etch resistance, cleaner ashing and higher implant temperatures.

Additional Resources:

Equipment Information Sheet

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