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SU-8 Hotplates

CAC Name: SU-8 hotplates 1-4

Hotplates for baking SU-8-coated wafers

Manager: Beth Rhoades
Backup: Edward Camacho , Garry Bordonaro
Equipment Training
Training for first time use of the room is required.Contact Beth. Please adhere to the instructions on the Equipment Information Sheet.


9 hotplates are available for baking SU-8-coated substrates in the SU-8 lithography area (clean room 106).

Processes Available:

Hot plates have been grouped and labeled to accommodate both users with long and short bake processes
-3 Fairweather hotplates can be reserved for extended (more than 2 hrs) bake processes.
-3 EMI hotplates are available without reservations for shorted bake processes.
-2 EMI hotplates are available without reservations for bake processes with intermediate times (less than 2 hours).

Additional Resources:

Equipment Information Sheet

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GCA AS200 Stepper *UP*
Oct 19, 2017
The GCA AS200 stepper UP and available for use. The DFAS PC is noticeably slower than before. We are hoping to upgrade the system soon.



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