Name Area Training

Web-based Training. Sign up for: RSRCH - CNF - General Photolithography Overview Video Training

The General Photolithography Training Video is an overview of CNF's Photolithography facilities.  You will learn the basics of Photolithography. 

Tests are OPEN BOOK.

IMPORTANT: the listed Area Resources documentation is REQUIRED READING.

This training does not cover any exposure tools -- each tool has a separate training. Contact the tool manager for scheduling training on individual Photolithography tools.

Class II Photolithography Training (Web-based training):

Electron-Beam Lithography

To request training, please send email to ebeam (at) .

Furnace Processing

Training for the furnace area covers the pre-furnace MOS clean, atmospheric and LPCVD processes. It is scheduled on a need basis, please email the tool manager for training requests. Include MOS area training in the subject header. You will be notified when the next scheduled training will be by email.

Electrical Testing
SEMS & Microscopes
Thin Film Deposition
Packaging & Misc Processing