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Tools for coating, exposing, and developing wafers utilizing advanced electron beam lithography for minimum feature sizes.

JEOL 6300

The unique capability of the JEOL 6300 is that a fifth lens can be used to get a smaller beam spot size and write sub-10 nm features. This is the high resolution writing mode. Writing without the 5th lens in 4th lens mode is called the high speed writing mode.

The tool can accommodate pieces as small as 5mm up to 150mm wafers.

When should I use the JEOL 9500 or the JEOL 6300?

JEOL 9500

The JEOL 9500 is a modern direct write ebeam lithography system from JEOL. The CNF tool was the first 9500 with improved column optics for a reduced spot size.

The tool is capable of loading samples from 10 mm up to 300 mm and writing features as small as 6 nm or less. The clock speed has been increased to 100 MHz, reducing write times. Stitching and overlay specifications have also been in improved dramatically over the previous generation.

Nabity Nanometer Pattern Generator System (NPGS)

The Nabity system turns an SEM into a simple ebeam system. The hardware takes control of the deflection system on the SEM and can then be used to expose patterns in resist. This is particularly useful when there is a need for low energy exposures. The tool is very manual, as opposed to the fully automated JEOL systems, and the calibrations are very primitive.

Please talk to staff to determine whether the Nabity is the best choice for your project.