Metrology equipment for electrically testing semiconductor devices.

CV Testing Station

A Keithley C-V measurement system is coupled to the Everbeing Probe station and an Everbeing hot chuck capable of 300°C. The entire system is controlled by user-friendly PC software. Both high frequency and quasi-static measurements are available. Other measurements such as bias-temperature and zerbst C-t plots are also available.

Everbeing EB-6 DC Probe Station

An Everbeing EB-6 high precision probe station is available for DC wafer probing. Four low noise, high precision probes are available along with a hot chuck, microscope, and digital camera. The EB-6 was donated to CNF by Everbeing in August 2016. Four high precision Keithley Source Measurement Units (SMU) with connected PC and software are used for voltage and current measurement.

Zyvex Nanoprobes for Ultra SEM

The Zyvex S-100 Nanoprobes are installed on the Zeiss Ultra-55 SEM and operate under vacuum during imaging or with the beam blanked. The S-100 consists of four individually controlled nanoprobes which can be placed with a precision of five nanometers. The probes have a minimum tip radius of fifty nanometers for precision measurements, but larger probes are available for MEMS or other applications requiring more robust tips.