Updated January 2024

The CNF Lab Manual is a reference manual covering the basic operational policies for use of the facilities of the Cornell NanoScale Facility (CNF). It applies equally to both resident and non-resident users, and governs both safety and laboratory use rules. All users are expected to have read and understood these procedures.

In the lab manual, CNF attempts to document acceptable operating behavior for use of the CNF. It is impossible, however, to define a policy for every conceivable situation. Rules and policies are no substitute for common sense. Under these conditions, anyone who fails to act in a professional, safe and responsible manner while in the CNF will be banned from further use of the facility at the discretion of the management.

Users’ suggestions and feedback on the facility, its staff, its operation, and its equipment are welcome at all times. Please feel free to direct your suggestions to whomever you feel most comfortable with, from an individual staff member to lab management or the Executive Committee.