The 2022 CNF REU!


The 2022 CNF REU Calendar, Updated June 16th [PDF]



Undergraduate CNF User restrictions start with Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. cleanroom access. No evenings or weekends. After 50 hours of lab time, reasonable tool usage, and demonstration of safe lab practices, undergraduate may be granted “extended access” — Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m. Still no weekends. After 100 hours of lab usage and reasonable tool usage, undergrads may be granted full access privileges 24/7, weekends allowed. Talk to Phil Infante, CNF Lab Safety Manager, when you feel you are close to the 50 hour / 100 hour lab time marks. He will determine if your next access level is appropriate.

(PS, from now until the end of July, Cornell staff have Friday afternoons off -- and many CNF staff are taking advantage of that perk, of course. So while our CNF REU cleanroom restrictions allow for 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. access M-F, it would be a really good idea if, for the next 4-5 Fridays, mentors accompany their interns in the cleanroom and labs during the 1:00-6:00p hours, since staff will be sparse and few between. This is not a requirement, just a sound suggestion.)



CNF REU Presentations, July 20th

Dear CNF REU Community:

Next week on Wednesday, July 20th, the CNF REU interns will offer their second presentation regarding their summer research with us.

This time around, the presentations will be given via zoom. I'm giving them 15 minutes again, in order to present their PowerPoint slides and have time for advice, comments, and questions. Just like the first presentations on the 6th, the interns may not need the full 15 minutes, so be sure to tune into the zoom well before your interns assigned time (below) in case we are going quickly!

Also, because this is a zoom session, I've suggested to the interns that they invite family, friends, significant faculty and or mentors from "home" -- so everyone must register in order to receive the zoom link. By "everyone" I mean me, the CNF REU interns, the CNF REU mentors, etc. Everyone!

Please register, using the link sent to you via email, by Monday 4:00 p.m. EDT at the latest.

8:50 a.m., Welcome, Melanie-Claire Mallison
9:00-9:15, Rudy Cantu (El-Ghazaly)
9:15-9:30, Eryka Kairo (Zipfel)
9:30-9:45, Zeinab Ismail (Sobhani)
9:45-10:00, Sean Anderson (Rana)
10:00-10:15, Elisa Simoni (Engstrom)
10:15-10:30, Rachel Qian (Nair)






Mr. Sean Anderson
Electrical Engineering, Morgan State University
CNF REU PI: Farhan Rana
CNF Mentor: Arjan Singh
PI Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering
CNF REU Project Title: Fabrication and Characterization of Superconducting Microwave Resonators for Quantum Optical Networks

Mr. Rodolfo (Rudy) Cantu
Mechanical Engineering, University of Texas at Austin
CNF REU PI: Amal El-Ghazaly
CNF REU Mentor: Ludovico Cestarollo
PI Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering
CNF REU Project Title: Fabrication of Flexible Braille Display with Integrated Magnetic Controls

Ms. Zeinab Ismail
Physics, St. John’s University
CNF REU PI: Sadaf Sobhani
CNF REU Mentor: Giancarlo D’Orazio
PI Department: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
CNF REU Project Title: Advanced Microscale 3D Printing

Ms. Eryka Kairo
Physics/Biomedical Engineering, Seton Hall University
CNF REU PI: Warren Zipfel
CNF REU Mentor: Jack Crowley
PI Department: Meinig School of Biomedical Engineering
CNF REU Project Title: Microfluidic Handling of DNA for Efficient Spatial Genomics Research

Ms. Rachel Qian
Chemical Engineering, Villanova University
CNF REU PI: Sriramya Nair
CNF REU Mentor: Lyn Zemberekci
PI Department: Civil and Environmental Engineering
CNF REU Project Title: Investigating the Electrokinetic Behavior of Cement-Based and Alternative Cementitious Materials

Ms. Elisa Simoni
Engineering Physics/Electrical Engineering, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
CNF REU PI: Jim Engstrom
CNF REU Mentor: Jay Vishnu Swarup
PI Department: Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
CNF REU Project Title: You will Ru(e) the Day: Developing Area-Selective Processes to Enable Ru-Based Interconnect at the 2 nm Node and Beyond