CNF Policies and Procedures are detailed in the Lab Manual.

Each tool in the CNF has its own set of policies and procedures. Please see the individual tool webpages, the tool Equipment Information Sheets (on the tool webpages and posted at the tools), additional signage posted at the tool, and the tool manual at the tool. Direct questions to the tool manager.

Additional important information is below.

  • Monthly Reminders
    "Monthly Reminder" messages are an effort to keep everyone informed of upcoming events and reminded of basic lab use.
  • Area Notices
    All currently posted area specific notices.
  • Lab-Wide Notices
    All currently posted lab-wide notices.
  • Statement on CNF Fees
    Information on fees for using the CNF.
  • CNF Computing Policies Statement
    (external link out to the CNF Computing website)
  • Printing at CNF via Net-Print
    (external link out to the CNF Computing website)
  • CNF Cleanroom Store & Hours
    Policies on accessing the CNF Store, located in the Cleanroom.
  • Chemical Shipping Information
    Howto properly ship a chemical to the CNF.
  • Tool and Material Compatibility Policy
    Commonly allowed and restricted materials are listed in this policy, but this does not cover all possibilities. If you do not see your material listed, or have a question regarding it– do not assume it is safe to process without getting clearance from the CNF staff member in charge of the tool!
  • Remote Work
    In limited circumstances, researchers can engage the CNF in fabrication conducted by CNF staff members with only the off-site involvement of the researcher.
  • Express Wafer Service
    CNF now stocks a few commonly-requested thin films which may be ordered in limited quantities for quick turnaround.
  • Tour Guidelines for the CNF Cleanroom and Lab Spaces
    CNF Users giving tours of the CNF Cleanroom and Lab Spaces must follow these guidelines.
  • CNF Apartment Rules
    (external link to the main CNF website)
  • Lab Dress Code
    (external link to the main CNF website)
  • NanoMeter Newsletter
    (external link to the main CNF website)
  • Research Accomplishments
    Technical reports, submitted by our principal investigators and users, on current CNF research projects. Also includes a selection of patents, presentations, and publications (PPPs) related to work performed in our facility.
    (external link to the main CNF website)
  • Acknowledging the CNF in your presentations, posters, and publications.