2nd Floor Labs, Phillips Packaging Lab, and CAD Rm

  • These lab spaces are open 24/7 with no change.

Clean Room

CNF prides itself on providing a world-class, open user facility with flexible policies to meet the needs of our broad community. To comply with New York State’s updated building codes that impact Cornell’s Duffield Hall, the home of CNF’s cleanroom and select 3rd floor research labs, the CNF cleanroom will operate with a reduced evening and weekends schedule for a limited time.

The following schedule will be in place:

  • Cleanroom hours as below (Updated Jan 25, 2024):
    • Post Winter Break hours:
        Graph of Cleanroom Hours
    • February 2024 Hours
      CNF Cleanroom Hours chart for Feb 2024

All processes need to be completed by closing time, if you need to perform a post-process clean, please allow time before closing to do that. If your process requires a long deposition that extends beyond these work hours you will need to pause and restart the process the following day - please work with staff on this if you have questions regarding how to set this up on the tools.

These hours apply to all researchers and staff. Please understand that staff will not be able to swap targets, perform tool maintenance, or perform remote processes outside of these hours.