Tools for depositing insulating, semiconducting, and metallic films on your substrates.

AJA Sputter Deposition

A cryopumped sputter deposition system allows deposition of a variety of metals and dielectrics. A full target list is available below. Both RF and DC sputtering is available on this system. This is a single wafer load-lock tool capable of accommodating up to 6 inch wafers. With rotation during deposition, less than 1% uniformity is encountered over a 4 inch substrate.

CHA Evaporator

The CHA Industries vacuum system is used for evaporating thin films by resistive heating. A cryopump enables base pressures of 10E-7 Torr range to be reached. The 2 kW power supply is used for thermal evaporation from three individually shuttered parallel sources which can be used for sequential thin films. Gold, silver, aluminum, nickel, chrome, copper and germanium are among the metals available for deposition. Films up to 500 nm can be deposited. This system is a rapid turn-around machine with a typical pump down time of 45 minutes.

CVC Sputter Deposition

A cryopumped CVC 601 sputter deposition system allows deposition of a variety of metals. A full target list is available below. Both RF and DC magnetron sputtering are available. Materials can be co- deposited from two sources onto the rotating substrate. Eight-inch sputtering targets are used, allowing batch depositions over 3-inch to 6-inch wafers. Smaller pieces are easily used.

Electroplating Hoods

Tanks and solutions are available for electroplating on substrates up to 6 inch wafers. Applications include electroplating copper for damascene wiring, electroplating into resist molds to form high aspect ratio structures, and deposition of thicker films (> 5 µm) on substrates.


The load-locked GSI Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) system can conformally deposit a variety of dielectric films as well amorphous silicon on whole 100 and 150 mm diameter wafers. Dual frequency RF power supply allows tuning of the film stress. The deposition temperature can be varied from 200 - 400 °C. Deposition rates range from 100 - 400 nm/min

Oxford ALD FlexAL

Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) offers the opportunity to create precisely controlled structures for advanced semiconductor and other nanotechnology applications, by creating ultra-thin films on nanometre and sub-nanometre scales. A unique property of ALD is its ability to deposit material conformally into high aspect ratio features. The technology is widely regarded as a key enabler of the next generation of smaller semiconductor devices.

Oxford PECVD

Currently available are a high rate oxide (250nm/min) and a low stress silicon nitride.

Currently being characterized to be added in the near future is a-silicon, doped oxides, SiC, and TEOS Oxide.

Parylene Deposition

Model PDS 2010 LABCOTER deposition system is the first portable system designed for deposition of protective Parylene conformal coating. This unit is suitable for laboratory research applications, circuit board repairs, electronic sensors, medical components, organic samples, and many other substrates.

PVD75 Sputter Deposition

The Kurt J. Lesker sputtering tool is currently configured to sputter Indium-Tin Oxide (ITO). The tool uses a 90% Indium /10% Tin target to reactively sputter with the oxygen introduced into the chamber. The composition of the ITO can be varied by controlling the percentage of oxygen that is introduced into the chamber. The lower the oxygen content; the more uniform, but the less transparent and more metallic the film will be. The tool has substrate rotation and heating capabilities up to 350°C. By heating the substrate you can create denser films.

SC4500 Even-Hour Evaporator

This cryopumped evaporator contains a 6 pocket electron gun source. The rotation pocket ensures that all evaporations occur from the same point leading to accurate lift-off patterning. Source materials include a variety of metals, semiconductors, as well as silicon dioxide & alumina. Pump down times are generally in the 30 - 45 minute range with total processing time under 2 hours

SC4500 Odd-Hour Evaporator

This cryopumped evaporator contains a 4 pocket electron gun source and 3 thermal evaporation sources. The thermal sources move over the electron gun so that all evaporations come from the same vertical plane. This is particularly important for fine line metallizations by lift-off where misalignment is not tolerable. The combination of e-gun and thermal sources allows one pump down evaporation of layered materials such as Ti-Pt-Au. Scheduling for this evaporator is restricted to odd hour starting times (2 hours).