Dear CNF Users: In an effort to keep everyone informed of upcoming events and reminded of basic lab use, we send out reminder messages to our users. If you have any questions or concerns regarding these reminders and news items, please contact Phil Infante, CNF Lab Safety Manager [email]

[1] STEAM SHUTDOWN DATES; The annual Cornell Steam Shutdown will occur Tuesday, May 29th - Friday, June 1st. The CNF labs and cleanroom will close at 7:00 a.m. on May 29th. ALL CHEMISTRY AND SAMPLES LEFT IN HOODS WILL BE DISCARDED! The labs and cleanroom will re-open at 12 noon on Friday, June 1st. Before coming in on that Friday, check Coral to make sure the tool you want is up and running -- a few individual tools may still be off-line. Also, note that Monday, May 28th, is a Staff Holiday and therefore Buddy Rules apply all day.

[2] PT720/740 and PT770 Etch tool Process Updates; In response to the evolving needs of the CNF user community, we have recently recommissioned the chlorine based dual chamber Plasma-Therm 720/740 RIE system. The PT720 RIE is being used to etch 2D transition metal chalcogenides (TMDs) including MoS2, SnS2, WSe2, NbSe2, GaSe, InSe, CdSe, and others.  In addition, 2D metal oxides such as WO3, V2O5, MnO2 can be etched as well as layered 2D perovskites such as SrRuOx, and SrLaAlOx whether pure or mixed phase. The PT740 is now an RIE system which will accommodate the presence of gold on a substrate or wafer.   Users are now allowed to etch down to a gold interface and have gold exposed in the course of an etch. This process policy update is not intended for the tool to be used for gold etching/removal,  it is only to allow the ability to stop a dielectric process on an underlying gold film. The PT740 has been facilitated with CF4 and CHF3 to allow the etching of silicon based dielectric films, in addition to the existing chlorine based chemistry which has traditionally been there.

Established metal etch processes for samples that are sensitive to the presence of Gold in the PT720 has been moved and characterized on the PT770 etch tool. Please see the CNF etch staff with any specific process questions.

[3] USB chargers;  CNF IT has installed USB chargers for folks to charge their cell phones (instead of using the CNF computers, which may not let go of your personal information!). The little black boxes take five USB plugs and there is one in the CNF breakroom, four in the cleanroom, and one in the CAD room. Soon there will be one in the little Visitor Office in 250 Duffield also.

[4] CNF TCN and Annual Meeting. Registration is now open for the June short course: Technology & Characterization at the Nanoscale (CNF TCN), Tuesday - Friday, June 5 - 8, 2018.  Also, SAVE THE DATE! The 2018 CNF Annual Meeting will be on a very different date -- Wednesday, October 3rd! Prof. Cyrus Mody is our plenary speaker.

[5] Acknowledging CNF Research. Our National Science Foundation and New York State funding is dependent in part on our showing our effectiveness as a research facility, often best reflected in your patents, presentations, and publications. Please acknowledge CNF! "This work was performed in part at Cornell NanoScale Facility, an NNCI member supported by NSF Grant ECCS-1542081."