Cornell graduate students who are also CNF Users are invited to apply for a part-time fellowship that would supplement their graduate research assistantship. The responsibilities of CNF Fellows are to provide information for current and future CNF users about new techniques, recipes, and procedures, and also current performance of tools such as etchers. They do this through the CNF user process wiki, data placed at the tools, and on AFS. A special focus in the near future is to commission Coventor process simulation software by entering measured etch and other process data. We are looking for Cornell graduate users who are proficient with some or all of the following tools (and others in the future): contact aligners; steppers; dry etchers; evaporators; oxide and nitride furnaces; SEMs; ALD. The typical duration of the fellowship is 2 to 3 years.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please email a statement of your interest, a list of CNF tools you are proficient with, and a resume to Alan Bleier,