The CNF cleanroom has been closed since March 17th and is reopening in a staged fashion. Guidelines for the staged opening have been established with the safety of our users, postdocs, students, faculty and staff remaining top priority. Thank you for your patience.

Because the CNF CAD Room remains closed, you can continue your work remotely with some of the CNF's great software tools. Below is a list of the remote software capabilities available to users. To get started, please contact Dave Botsch or Karlis Musa at computing(at)

• AutoDesk
• Cadence
• CorelDRAW
• Coventor SEMulator3D
• GenISys Layout BEAMER
• GenISys Layout LAB
• GenISys ProSEM
• Java GDS Library (JetStream)
• JMP Pro Data Analysis Statistical Software
• L-Edit CAD Software
• LinkCAD pattern preparation software
• Litho Resources
• Octave