The CNF Fellows assist the CNF technical staff with tool characterization and the development of fundamental processes which are of value to the broad CNF user community. The CNF technical staff will steer the development of new processes and it is the role of the fellow to assist in this effort by completing specific tasks associated with the process development. The efforts of a CNF Fellow should not be directed to or by the interest of any faculty research group.  If there is research activity conducted by the fellow for his/her own research group, then those charges are to be applied to the faculty member’s account.  The CNF Fellow also has ancillary responsibilities such as assisting users in the cleanroom with any needed chemicals or supplies during off hours. CNF fellows are required to attend weekly meetings so that updates and progress can be communicated to the supervising CNF staff and a plan for the upcoming week implemented.

In accordance with CNF’s data management policy, processes are to be documented and placed in electronic format within the CNF Fellows folder on AFS and on the CNF Wiki. Data must be posted in a reasonable time, as determined by fellowship coordinators. CNF Fellows typically work 4-5 hours per week, are compensated approximately $4000 annually and are required to commit to a one-year maximum term.

Qualifications / Skills

  • Ph.D. student with 2 years’ experience in CNF
  • Communication: clear, effective professional verbal and written skills.
  • Creativity: the ability to think outside the box
  • Adaptability: be flexible and able to pivot depending on needs.
  • Must have demonstrated ability to work safely with hazardous chemicals,
  • Ability to effectively collaborate with the staff and follow directions and procedures.
  • Candidate must be pleasant and personable and considerate of others.

Once positions are available, candidates should send a resume to the CNF fellows coordinators for review.  The resume should list the CNF tools that they have been trained on.  The CNF fellow coordinators will interview the candidates.

CNF Fellows Coordinators: