Modular EDS system for qualitative and quantitative microanalysis

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The Bruker QUANTAX 200 Energy Dispersive X- ray Spectrometer (EDS) with XFlash®6 silicon drift detector is a modular EDS system for qualitative and quantitative microanalysis. The system’s standard-less quantification software enables manual, automatic or interactive spectra evaluation and provides reliable results for specimens with polished or irregular surfaces, thin layers and particles. The XFlash® detector is a Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) which needs no liquid nitrogen cooling, provides high throughput rates and light element detection capabilities. The QUANTAX 200 uses the scanning system of the Zeiss Supra SEM, and has line scanning with spectrum-at-every-pixel functionality and also does mapping to produce element images.


Specifications include:

  • Energy resolution < 129 eV at Mn-Kα
  • 60 mm2 active area
  • Maximum input count rate > 1,000,000 cps
  • Sealed light element window, detection from Beryllium (Z=4) to Americium (Z=95)
  • Vibration-free, maintenance-free, Peltier cooling
  • Motorized retraction system
  • ESPRIT Spectrum quantification software for spectrum acquisition and qualitative analysis, with real-time mode and comprehensive atomic database
  • ESPRIT Quant, software tools for standardless quantitative spectrum analysis
  • ESPRIT MultiPoint, spectrum acquisition from many user-defined points/areas in an image
  • ESPRIT Line, spectral line scan with spectra data base (spectrum at every pixel)
  • ESPRIT Map, digital element mapping with unlimited number of elements (regions)
  • ESPRIT HyperMap, element mapping with hyper spectral database
  • ESPRIT MaxSpec, maximum pixel spectrum for locating rare elements