Scanning Electron Microscope

Zeiss Supra and Ultra SEM Training:

First, complete the SEM video training course RSRCH - CNF - SEM101 in CULearn.


Next, let us know you finished the CULearn course and request training, by sending an email to the CNF SEM team,

Please do not come to the training unless you have a sample ready to image. You will be required to use the SEM within one week of training or your access may be removed.

Additional Restrictions
  • Fully Baked Resist Only!
  • Samples should be cleaned and baked before imaging

This SEM has resolution of 1.0 nm at 15 kV, and 1.7 nm at 1 kV at high vacuum mode (HV); 2 nm at 30kV at variable pressure mode (VP). 100 V to 30 kV represents the wide range of the accelerating voltage used on the machine with capability of imaging insulating samples at the lower end of the spectrum. Electromagnetic beam and aperature alignment enables rapid changing between the six beam defining apertures. The GEMINI column employs a Schottky field emittor electron source using a single condenser with a crossover-free beam path. The machine is equiped with a Everhardt Thornley secondary electron (SE) detector, a variable pressure secondary electron (VPSE) detector for use at variable pressure mode with real time automatic contrast/brightness and manual override, a backscatter detector as well as a through the lens SE detector.

  • 1.7 nm resolution at 1 kV
  • 1 nm resolution at 15 kV
  • Variable pressure mode for non-conducting materials
  • Low energy ebeam lithography with the connected Nabity system