Ultra High Resolution Field Emission SEM

SEM Training:

Please contact the SEM team by sending an email to

Prior to training, please first complete the SEM video training available as course RSRCH - CNF - SEM101 in CULearn.

Please do not come to the training unless you have a sample ready to image. You will be required to use the SEM within one week of training or your access may be removed.

Additional Restrictions
  • Fully Baked Resist Only!
  • Samples should be cleaned and baked before imaging

Scanning electron microscopy is critical for the analysis of nanoscale materials and structures. CNF operates two field emission scanning electron microscopes (SEMs): a Zeiss Supra 55 microscope capable of variable pressure (VP) operation and a Zeiss Ultra 55 microscope optimized for high resolution imaging. Like most modern SEMs, both systems are capable of operating at beam energies from 100 V to 30 kV. However, the unique electron optical design employed in the Zeiss systems enables unsurpassed performance at beam energies from 100 V to 8 kV. This is crucial for obtaining high resolution distortion free images of surface.

The Ultra 55 is designed to maximize imaging resolution at low beam energies. It is equipped with a backscatter electron detector engineered to image electrons with energies less than 2 keV. An energy filter incorporated into the detector enables energy selective backscatter (ESB) imaging. This signal can be used to obtain contrast between regions of different composition.

  • In Lens Energy Selective Backscatter (ESB) Detector
  • Backscatter imaging using 100 eV to 3 keV beam energies
  • In situ electrical characterization of samples using the installed Zyvex system