Load-lock single wafer, AJA sputter tool for deposition of thin metallic and dielectric films

For training, please contact the Tool Manager(s).

General training is "hands on"and will cover DC and RF sputtering. Training takes 3 hours, which includes machine operation with a short film deposition. To avoid having to retrain on the machine, the AJA sputtering tool must be used within a week of getting trained.

Advanced training consists of reactive Sputtering with O2, or N2.

Additional Restrictions

A cryopumped sputter deposition system allows deposition of a variety of metals and dielectrics. A full target list is available below. Both RF and DC sputtering is available on this system. This is a single wafer load-lock tool capable of accommodating up to 6 inch wafers. With rotation during deposition, less than 1% uniformity is encountered over a 4 inch substrate.

  • RF and DC sources
  • Cryopumped to 2E-8 Torr
  • Capacity: Single substrate - load-lock
  • Mass flow control for Argon, Nitrogen, and Oxygen
  • Substrate rotation
  • RF Backsputter and RF in-situ substrate clean
Processes Available

Targets available (3 inch diameter)are: Al, Al+1%Si, Al+1%Si+4%Cu, Cr, Cu, MoSi, SiO2 (RF TARGET), Ti, TiW, W, Ta, Mo, Pt, Ge, Si, Nb

Process data consisting of grain structure, roughness, stress, depositions rates and step coverage is provided in a printed manual near the AJA tool. Furthermore, Additional Resources (section below) includes a link to a pdf file of the process data.

Follow the target changing guidelines when requesting targets.