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Tool Category 4: Glass and Metal Categories
Allowed Not Allowed
Tool category 1/1E, 2, and 3 materials  

Silicon Based Substrates and Films

No CNF Class A metals
III/V compound Semiconductors No Exposed CNF Group B metals- metals can be buried/covered with staff approval
Glass Substrates Cannot be used as an etch stop
PECVD and ALD  Films  
Buried Class B Metals with approval  
Organic/Bio Materials prepped w/o Salt Buffers  
Cured organics and baked Photoresist No High Vapor pressure materials

High Vapor Pressure Metals and Compounds are materials that have a vapor pressure above 1e-6 Torr at 400 C.

AJA Ion Mill

Additional Restrictions
  • Samples up to 6 diameter.
  • Check with machine manager before etching samples with non-standard materials.
  • No Cadmium or Zinc films and substrate materials!

Anatech Resist Strip

Additional Restrictions
  • Silicon wafers, III-V wafers, glass, and ceramic only
  • No plastic or metal
  • No Cadmium, no Zinc

YES Asher

Additional Restrictions
  • For removal of thin (< 10 micron) organic films. Thicker films must be cleared through Machine Manager.
  • Wafers or samples must be clean on back.