DISCO Dicing Saw

Training for operation of dicing saw is offered by appointment. Blade change training is offered for experienced users. Once you have used the dicing saw successfully at least 10 times in a period of the last 6 months of the request, please contact the tool manager for this training.

Additional Restrictions
  • No GaAs substrates allowed.

DISCO is a dicing saw capable of handling up to 8 inch substrates with a thickness of up to 1.25 mm. Applications that have benefited from the DISCO approach include the dicing of silicon, bonded Si wafers, and all types of glasses. Please contact the staff for details.

  • 2” Front-mount Spindle
  • air driven DC brushless with closed-loop control
  • Optimized for simple and tight tolerance products up to 8”x 8”
  • Closed-loop, Y-axis linear encoder
  • Non-contact, optical height sensing
  • Pattern Recognition System with auto-focusing & programmable illumination
Processes Available

With the following blade change schedule we hope to satisfy the needs of as many users as possible:

  • Sunday: all purpose blade (cuts all types of glasses and silicon)
  • Monday: all purpose blade
  • Tuesday: all purpose blade
  • Wednesday: S1235 blade (cuts silicon only), change will be between 8am-12noon
  • Thursday: S1235 blade
  • Friday: Change to all purpose blade between 8am-12noon
  • Saturday: all purpose blade

We will offer blade change trainings to experienced users who wish to be independent of this schedule. Please contact us if you have any concerns and further suggestions!