Tool for printing up to 10-pL sized inks (Rm 224).

For training, please contact the Tool Manager(s). Bring your ink and substrate to the training.

Additional Restrictions
  • ALL inks must be pre-apporved by the tool manager.
  • NO LOW FLASH POINT INKS. See tool manager before printing. 

The FUJIFILM-Dimatix inkjet printer prints a range of fluids in non-contact mode. It uses disposable MEMS piezo drop-on-demand print cartridges. The printer features drop visualization, tunable jetting controls for each of the 16 nozzles, and a visual registration/alignment system. Dispensed drop sizes are 1, 5 or 10 pL with a placement accuracy of 10-20 ┬Ám. Particles smaller than 500 nanometers can be printed. Substrates can be rigid or flexible and up to 8 x 12 inches. A UV lamp can be attached to the print carriage for curing UV inks.

  • Print 1-, 5- or 10-pL drops
  • Adjust the drop spacing for different coverage
  • Print single or multiple layers
Processes Available

the printability of an ink is limited to key parameters of viscosity, surface tension and particle size. Users have printed the conductive polymer PEDOT, water containing DNA or protein, silver nanoparticle solutions, CNT-containing solutions, pigment inks, and UV curables (Shipley S1813 resist and polyimide).


The printer has been used to make organic electronics, photovoltaics, nanoparticle-based patterns, and biomolecule arrays, and patterned photresist structures.