PDMS Casting Station: Plasma generator,curing ovens, vacuum jar and scale

For training, please contact the Tool Manager(s).

Additional Restrictions
  • Plastic or glass containers that can withstand 60°C
  • PDMS or 3-D printed materials

The PDMS casting station is located in the CNF wet (biology) lab in Duffield 224. The station provides a vacuum oven that heats to 60 degrees C, a vacuum (dessication) jar, a scale, and a plasma generator for the casting and assembly of PDMS-based devices. PDMS (Sylgard 184), basic glass slides, cutting tools and mixing supplies are provided.

The plasma generator can be used to activate surfaces for adhering glass to PDMS during the final assembly of microfluidic devices, for instance. A plasma is generated from room air (ozone). The plasma generator is available to treat other surfaces, including enhancing the wetability of printing substrates. Please contact the tool manager with questions and permission for substrates other than glass, silicon and PDMS.