Universal tool for bonding processes for micro-electro-mechanical systems

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Additional Restrictions
  • Only metals evaporated at the CNF are allowed in the tool.
  • Metal and other compression material can only be in the bonding interface
  • For running pieces check with tool manager before running the tool.

The Suss SB8e VAC substrate bonder is universal tool for bonding proses for micro-electro-mechanical system applications such as Anodic Bonding, Silicon Fusion Bonding, Adhesive Bonding and Thermal Compression Bonding. After Alignment the substrate stack are either mechanically clamped using the transport fixture or later-welded for further processing in the tool chamber. This tool can sustain wafers up-to 150mm. It can vacuum down to 5x10e-5 mbar with an overpressure up-to3 bar. The bonding process takes place under a controlled environment. The SB8e basic configurations consist of a basic load lock vacuum chamber with pneumatic, machine controls and a PC running the control software on Windows NT. The loading slide to hold the substrate transport fixture for secure a loading process. Inside the process chamber resides the integrated handling system for shift-free transfers of the substrate stack and the motorized Z- axis drive allowing for different bonding sequences. Hot top and bottom chucks are also found inside.

  • Software controllable contact force of elctrode
  • Single pin electrode and Universal Bond tool
  • Double-side heating up to 550 Degress Celsius
  • Wafter sizes up to 8
  • Transport Fixture and manual loading slide
  • Process Enviroment Control System
  • Semi-automatic Process Chamber
  • Power Supply 0 to +/- 2000 VDC with maximum current at 15mA
Processes Available
  • Anodic Bonding (AB)
  • Silicon Fusion Bonding (SFB)
  • Adhesive Bonding (ADB)
  • Thermal Compression Bonding (TCB)

Microfluidics, pressure sensors, optoelectronics, MEMS, Packaging, and SOI production