SussTec GYRSET wafer spin tool

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Additional Restrictions
  • Materials Allowed in this Spinner:
    • P-20, KMPR, SU-8 2000, SU-8 3000, Cyclopentanone, Cyclotene, AP 3000
  • No Acetone!
  • No IPA!
  • No Methanol!

The GYRSET System comprises a bell-shaped cover placed over the chuck and the substrate. During a spin cycle, the cover closes, creating a solvent-saturated atmosphere. All the parts involved in the GYRSET System rotate synchronously as does the confined air inside the cover. Turbulence, which can cause excessive thickness in the corners of the substrate, is thus eliminated. The photoresist coating is spread evenly over the entire surface.

Because of the solvent saturated atmosphere, all the usual spinning defects (rebounding, splashback, comet and striation) are eliminated. Any substrate shapes and thicknesses can be processed with our GYRSET System with the guarantee of unrivalled coating performance. The GYRSET System uses up to 4 times less resist than the best classical spinner. Photoresist recycling could then be possible due to a very low risk of contamination in the atmosphere.

With the GYRSET System, lower speed and acceleration are used during the spin cycle which means less vibration and so less stress on your substrate. This also saves on wear on the spin motor and the mechanics, increasing the lifetime of your spin coater.

  • GYRSET spin technology for uniform coating
  • Maximum substrate size is supported by the tool is 100mm
  • Maximum substrate thickness is 4mm
  • Maximum spin speed is 5000 RPM
  • Maximum acceleration is 1000 RPM/sec
  • Pieces can be spun with a gasket
  • 8 programs are available

Uniform coatings can be spun on any shape substrate as well as over difficult topology