Part of the PDMS Casting Station for making microfluidic devices

You may request training for the oven alone or the entire suite of PDMS-casting tools (ovens, vacuum chamber and Harrick Plasma Generator) as needed. 

For training, please contact the tool manager(s).


Additional Restrictions
  • USE GLASS DISHES ONLY. Never use plastic dishes above 60°C. Plastics will melt.
  • Turn the oven OFF when finished.

This oven is for curing at any temperature (35 - 200°C). it does NOT have vacuum capability.

The oven is part of the PDMS casting station which includes Sylgard 184, low-temperature vacuum ovens and a high-temperature oven (up to 200°C), a vacuum jar, scale and a plasma generator for casting & assembling PDMS-based fluidic devices. 

  • Heating up to 200°C without a vacuum.
  • Oven is not very accurate because of the temperature probe port in the top.
  • Curing PDMS 
  • Outgassing 3D-printed devices (at 45 C or lower)
  • Dehydrating hard materials
  • hard-baking SU-8 devices