Laminator for SUEX and ADEX sheets

30- to 45-minute training sessions are held on an 'as needed' basis. Contact Tom by email to schedule. Training should be taken within 2 weeks of starting your process. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Additional Restrictions
  • SUEX and ADEX only.

Laminates pre-cast (dried) photosensitive polymer sheets (SUEX or ADEX) to wafers, acrylic and other substrates.


Pre-cast polymers supplied by DJ DevCorp:

  • SUEX sheets 100 to 500 microns thickness (similar to SU-8)
  • ADEX sheets 5 to 75 microns thickness

Substrates = Si wafers (4-inch or other), acrylic (plexiglass), glass, other rigid substrates.

Processes Available

CNF currently supplies 100-, 200- ad 500-micron-thick SUEX for 4-inch wafers.

Other thicknesses and shapes can be purchased directly from the manufacturer (see price list attachment).

  • Microfluidic master molds
  • Physical channels and features of microfluidic devices
  • MEMS devices
  • Insulation layer
  • Attaching/gluing layers of devices together