Oven for curing polyimide and other polymer films

Training is done through a video in CULearn. The CULearn course is: RSRCH - CNF - YES Polyimide Bake Oven .

Once you have watched the video you need to contact the tool manager to have your access enabled in CORAL.

Additional Restrictions
  • No low temperature materials (No materials that melt below 500°C )

The 450PB is a high temperature vacuum oven using a programmable temperature controller and programmed vacuum and nitrogen flow cycles for curing of polyimide films. The unit features filtered heated nitrogen purging from the entire surface of the roof through the floor of the chamber. This flow acts to clean the wafers during the process.

Many thanks to Yield Engineering Systems (YES) for improved controller parameters leading to better temperature control.

  • Capacity: Up to two boats of 6 inch wafers
  • Ramp: 8°C/min
  • Cool-down: 1-2°C/min
  • Max Temperature: 400°C
  • Idle Temperature: 50°C