Micro contact method for measuring surface topology on a nanometer or micron scale.

For training, please contact the Tool Manager(s).

Training takes about a half hour.

Additional Restrictions
  • Samples must be clean: No Acid or Base Residues on top or back.
  • Standard semiconductor manufacturing materials allowed. Contact machine manager about other materials.
  • No Objects greater than 150mm diameter or smaller then 10mmx10mm

A profilometer is a precision metrology tool used to measure surface characteristics in the micron to nanometer scale. It is an ideal tool for measuring step heights. This is useful for measuring film thickness, etch depth, surface roughness, wear-scar measurements. Many parameters of surface roughness and waviness can be measured. The P-7 is a stylus-based surface profiler, with motorized XY stage with vacuum hold down, and a wide range of scan parameter settings.

  • 0.1 Angstrom or less vertical resolution.
  • 1024 µm maximum vertical dynamic range.
  • 300 µm maximum step up.
  • 1 µm to 150 mm scan length.
  • 2 µm/sec. to 25mm/sec. scan speed.
  • 4 different image magnifications.