YES CV200RFS Oxygen Plasma Asher

For training, please contact the Tool Manager(s).

Training takes about a half hour.

Additional Restrictions
  • For removal of thin (< 10 micron) organic films. Thicker films must be cleared through Machine Manager.
  • Wafers or samples must be clean on back.

Vacuum system with Oxygen Plasma, designed for Resist Stripping and Descum. It uses a 9" diameter Hot Plate stage to control wafer temperature. The system is used to strip resist off single wafers, up to 8" diameter. The 40 KHz plasma is isolated from the wafer by a grounded, perforated metal plate.

  • Wafer is temperature controlled from 30 - 250°C.
  • 40 KHz power is variable, up to 1250 Watts
  • Strip rates greater than 1 micron per minute for soft baked resist
  • Typical process times are 30 sec. to 5 min..
  • Process times greater than an hour can be done.
Processes Available

Oxygen is used for removing organics. Nitrogen and Argon are also available for gentle cleaning and oxide removal. Typical operating pressure is 300-350 mTorr.

Low power and low temperature give good versatility for descum processes.


Resist Stripping, Patterned Resist Descum, Wafer Cleaning.