Atomic Layer Deposition

For training, please contact the Tool Manager(s).

Additional Restrictions
  • Full size 100mm wafers (other wafer sizes up to 200mm can be accommodated with staff assistance).
  • Pieces can be processed with the use of a carrier plate.
  • Polymers and resist need to be fully cured and only run using 110C processes
  • Changes to recipes other than loop count must be cleared with tool managers

Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) offers the opportunity to create precisely controlled structures for advanced semiconductor and other nanotechnology applications, by creating ultra-thin films on nanometre and sub-nanometre scales. A unique property of ALD is its ability to deposit material conformally into high aspect ratio features. The technology is widely regarded as a key enabler of the next generation of smaller semiconductor devices.


Available thin film materials:

  • Al2O3-plasma and thermal
  • AlN-plasma
  • HfO2-plasma and thermal
  • HfN-plasma
  • TaN-plasma and thermal
  • Ta2O5-plasma and thermal
  • SiO2-plasma
  • Si3N4-plasma
  • HfAlOx-plasma
  • HfSiOx-plasma
  • HfSiOxNy-plasma

These highly uniform thin films (<50nm) can be used as high-k dielectrics and metal gates for advanced transistor fabrication, along with applications to MEMS/NEMS and photonics applications.