CVC SC4500 Combination Thermal/ E-gun Evaporation System for deposition of thin films

Web-based training in CULearn: RSRCH - CNF - Odd/Even Hour Evaporator Training

Additional Restrictions

This cryopumped evaporator contains a 4 pocket electron gun source and 3 thermal evaporation sources. The thermal sources move over the electron gun so that all evaporations come from the same vertical plane. This is particularly important for fine line metallizations by lift-off where misalignment is not tolerable. The combination of e-gun and thermal sources allows one pump down evaporation of layered materials such as Ti-Pt-Au. Scheduling for this evaporator is restricted to odd hour starting times (2 hours). Pump down times are generally in the 30 - 45 minute range with total processing time under 2 hours.

NOTE: CNF will no longer be supplying crucibles for use in Aluminum e-gun evaporations. The user community has not shown careful use of these crucibles and as a result will need to buy or supply their own. Please contact Aaron BEFORE you need one for details.

Carbon $60 Inter-metallic $200

  • Cryopumped
  • 1 - 4 pocket e-gun, 10 KW
  • 3 movable thermal sources 3KW
  • Optimized for lift off
  • Variable Tilt stage for angled evaporation
  • Variable speed rotation chuck available for substrate rotation during evaporation