CMP (Chemical Mechanical Polishing)

Training takes about 1-2 hours and is done by appointment only. Prior to requesting training, please read through the CMP Primer and then contact the tool manager to discuss your application and schedule the training session. It is important to discuss your CMP application with the tool manager before preparing your samples so please contact them early.

Additional Restrictions
  • 4 and 6 Wafers (pieces possible)
  • Wafers must not be excessively thin or thick
  • No GaAs

The Logitech Orbis is a CMP tool capable of polishing 4 and 6 inch whole wafers. It can do automatic multistep polishing processes with diamond disk pad conditioning to maintain etch rates stability. The tool can be used for planarization or for damascene polishing of silicon oxide, silicon nitride, polysilicon, copper, tungsten, and other various metals. The CMP Primer, available below, describes the basics of CMP and covers the terminology of the process. If you are considering using CMP in your process please review the document and contact the tool manager early in your planning. Early planning will make proper integration of CMP into your process much easier

  • Silicon/PolySi polishing
  • Tungsten damascene
  • Copper damascene
  • Silicon oxide selective to nitride
  • Silicon nitride selective to oxide
  • Aluminum
  • Other materials possible, contact staff
  • NO III-V's
Processes Available

Current pad on tool:

  • Epic D100 (IC1000) as of 2.23.18