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Tool Category 2: Silicon Based Substrates and Select Refractory Metals
Allowed Not Allowed
Tool category 1/1E materials No Glass Substrates
Silicon Based Materials only

No CNF Class A or Class B metals and oxides/compounds of (exposed or buried)

(ie Magnesium, Zinc, Barium, Calcium)

Si, SiC, SiO2 substrates  
All Furnace grown or deposited films  
PECVD Films No Gold,  Silver or Copper (Exposed or buried)
ALD dieletric films

No High Vapor pressure materials

CNF Refractory Metals (ie Al, Ti,Ta,W,Pt,Mo,Cr,Ni) No III/V Compound Semiconductors
Nitrides and Oxides of above metals No Organic/Biology Molecules prepared-with or without Salt buffers
Cured organics and baked Photoresist  

High Vapor Pressure Metals and Compounds are materials that have a vapor pressure above 1e-6 Torr at 400 C.

Logitech Orbis CMP

Additional Restrictions
  • 4 and 6 Wafers (pieces possible)
  • Wafers must not be excessively thin or thick
  • No GaAs

OEM Endeavor M1

Additional Restrictions
  • CMOS compatible metals only at this time.
  • - Adhesives are not allowed (scotch tape, Kapton tape, glues, epoxies, greases, etc are not allowed) in the chamber. Only use clips to secure substrates.

Oxford 82 Etcher

Additional Restrictions
  • Only CMOS compatible materials - Si, SiO2, Si3N4, CNF Refractory metals (Al, Ti,Ta,W,Pt,Mo,Cr, Co, and Ni), standard resists
  • No gold or silver, exposed or buried
  • No high vapor pressure materials (lead, indium, ITO), exposed or buried
  • No microscope slides
  • Do not exceed maximum RF power of 300W
  • Do not clean chamber with wipes or solvent. Report contamination to tool manager

Plasma-Therm Deep Silicon Etcher

Additional Restrictions
  • Whole 4 wafers only
  • Thermal / PECVD SiO2, photoresist, Al2O3 etch masks ONLY
  • If mask is resist, 5mm of the edge must be removed
  • See tool manager about bonding wafer pieces to carrier

RTA - AG610b

Additional Restrictions
  • No samples with resist, glue, metals, or anything that may degas - Calibrated for whole Silicon wafers - Discuss pieces or other materials with tool manager

Unaxis 770 Deep Silicon Etcher

Additional Restrictions
  • Whole 4 silicon wafers and pieces mounted to sapphire wafer
  • Thermal Oxide, Photoresist or Alumina (Al2O3) masks only
  • Photoresist masks require edge bead removal (> 5mm around entire edge of wafer)
  • No other polymers or adhesives
  • No metals exposed to the plasma.