Tools for drying wafers after wet chemistry

Training is not necessary for these tools but is included as part of the general photolithography training. Please contact the tool manager if you have any questions.

Additional Restrictions
  • Use only cassettes designated on the door of the tool
  • Substrates must fit inside the designated cassette, no pieces
  • Do not load fragile substrates (membranes, Released MEMS devices)

Spin Rinse Dryers are available at most chemical hoods. Sample sizes are 4" wafers and 4", 5", or 6" masks, depending on the SRD.

The Verteq spin rinse dryer is a drying system that uses centrifugal forces to dry the surface of a substrate. The liquid on the substrate surface is spun off and drained from the bowl while liquid droplets on the drying chamber surfaces are evaporated. There are six Verteq SRDs in the cleanroom.