Oxford 100 PECVD System

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Additional Restrictions
  • No general material restrictions
  • Resists or other polymers must be cured at 25C above the temperature of the hotplate.


  • Low pressure plasma decomposition/reaction of Silane & other gases predominantly to form dielectrics for passivation & masking layers at low temperatures
  • Load Locked system capable of 3", 4", 150mm, or 200mm wafers
  • Gases: SiH4, N2O, NH3, PH3, B2H6, CH4, TEOS, CF4, and O2
  • Typical process pressure: 1.8 Torr
  • Process temperature range of 200 to 400 C, baseline processes are 350C
Processes Available

Currently available:

  • Silicon Oxide
  • Stress controlled Silicon Nitride
  • amorphous Silicon
  • Boron and/or Phosphorous doped Silicon Dioxide
  • TEOS-based Silicon Dioxide

Under development:

  • amorphous Silicon Carbide
  • amorphous Boron Nitride