For training, please contact the Tool Manager(s).

Additional Restrictions
  • Do not use wipes, which generate particles, on microscope stages. Place samples on microscope slides.

The CNF has many optical microscopes including the Olympus MX50 for inspection of devices. Digital cameras attached to the microscopes are available for taking images of your work.

The MX50 semiconductor inspection microscope was developed specifically to meet the demands of wafer inspection. It is a user-friendly microscope that allows operators to work in an ergonomically correct position and benefit from smoother operation throughout extended inspection periods.

Features include:

  • Motorized objective change- permits quick observation changeovers (optional hand switch is available for direct selection of objectives)
  • A range of observation modes - including brightfield, darkfield, (Nomarski) DIC and polarized light Magnification range- 100x to 2500x