GCA 6300 DSW 5X g-line Wafer Stepper

RSRCH - CNF - GCA 5X g-line Wafer Stepper Training Video

IMPORTANT: the indicated documentation on this page is REQUIRED READING.

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Web based training: Sign up for: RSRCH - CNF - Stepper Job Editing Video

This training assumes prior knowledge of or experience in photolithography; General Photolithography Training is a minimum requirement. Sign up for: RSRCH - CNF - General Photolithography Overview Video Training (web-based training):

Training for PROLITH lithography simulation software is available in CULearn. Sign up for: RSRCH - CNF - PROLITH Video Training

Additional Restrictions
  • Substrate thickness must be matched to proper chuck thickness
  • Back of substrate must be CLEAN - NO RESIST on back
  • Mask must be CLEAN - no resist or fingerprints
  • Use Transparent/Opaque switch in proper mode (>2um SiO2, or glass, etc.)

This projection printer uses a g-line (436nm) lens column ( 0.30 N.A.) to provide a 5:1 reduction with a variable field size up to 15mm square. Minimum feature size is <0.9µm. The number and placement of the dies is programmable. Wafer size of 3" up to 150mm can be accommodated, as well as smaller pieces. A customized hand-held chuck system allows rapid change of substrate size. Registered alignment is typically <0.25µm. 5" x 0.090"-thick masks are used. This instrument can be easily converted to function as a GCA 3696 Photorepeater system for exposing photoresist coated glass plates up to 7".

  • Step and repeat exposure system with laser-controlled stage motion
  • Zeiss lens with 0.30 numerical aperture
  • g-line (436 nm) exposure wavelength
  • 15mm field size
  • Resolution to 0.9 µm