Since the NPGS uses the Zeiss Supra SEM, users of the NPGS need to do Zeiss SEM training first. Then please send an email to to request training on the NPGS. It is most effective if you bring a lab mate who already uses the Nabity with you to the training to show you how they use it, since every group uses it a little differently.

Additional Restrictions
  • Never run gun up rapidly to 30 kV; start at 20 kV and increase gradually in small steps to avoid damage to the electron emitter.

The Nabity system turns an SEM into a simple ebeam system. The hardware takes control of the deflection system on the SEM and can then be used to expose patterns in resist. This is particularly useful when there is a need for low energy exposures. The tool is very manual, as opposed to the fully automated JEOL systems, and the calibrations are very primitive.

Please talk to staff to determine whether the Nabity is the best choice for your project.

  • Accelerating voltage from 1 keV to 30 keV
  • Sample sizes from 3 mm to approximately 2 cm
  • Maximum beam current of around 300 pA