Particle analysis tool for measuring size and zeta potential in solution

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The Zetasizer (Malvern Nano ZS) characterizes nanomaterials in a solution. It uses Dynamic Light Scattering to determine the polydispersity of a sample and measure particle charge, size, and molecular weight. Materials from 0.6 to 6,000 nm can be measured with an electrokinetic potential analysis from -150 to +150 megavolts. A size measurement can be taken with a sample from 12 to 500 microliters. An electrokinetic potential measurement requires a one-milliliter sample.

  • Measurement options available:
  • Size analysis (0.6-6000nm)
  • Zeta potential analysis (-150-+150mV)
  • Surface Zeta Potential analysis
  • Kinetics and trend measurements
  • Temperature range 2C to 90C
  • Sample volume required: 12-500 uL for size measurement, 1 mL for zeta potential measurements