Flexible 200mm Mask Aligner with DUV light source

Training is offered weekly on a per need basis, especially when there are new users for the week. Please sign up in CULearn for course

Make sure before you request contact aligner training you have completed “General Lithography Training”, since it is a prerequisite.

Additional Restrictions
  • 4" - 9" masks, up to 200mm wafers, up to 0.25" thick
  • Back of substrate must be CLEAN - NO RESIST on back

ABM's High Resolution Mask Aligner is a very versatile instrument with interchangeable light sources which allow Near-UV (405-365 nm) as well as Mid- and Deep-UV (254 nm, 220 nm) exposures in proximity (non-contact) or contact (soft & hard) modes. The exposure can cover an area 200 mm in diameter. The bottom-mount mask system accommodates masks up to 9 inches square and substrates from small chips to wafers up to 200 mm. The alignment tooling system also features an air-bearing substrate-to-mask planarization system for wedge-error compensation. The printing resolution is 0.8 µm for Near-UV and 0.4 µm for Mid-UV and Deep-UV in vacuum contact mode. Exposures in Mid- and Deep-UV require quartz masks.


  • Hard or Soft Contact Modes
  • Any size or shape sample up to 200mm diameter and 0.250" thick.
  • UV, Mid-UV, and DUV Exposure Modes
  • Split-field CCD Zoom Microscope Alignment System
  • Bottom-mounting Mask Holders
  • Infra-red backside alignment for 2" and smaller substrates
ABM Results
Near-UV Vacuum Contact, Rohm and Haas S1805 550nm, PAB 115C 45 sec., ABM 1.1 sec., PEB 115C 30 sec., Dev. 300MIF 45 sec.