Flexible 200mm Mask Aligner with DUV light source

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Make sure before you request contact aligner training you have completed “General Lithography Training”, since it is a prerequisite.

Additional Restrictions
  • 4" - 9" masks, up to 200mm wafers, up to 0.25" thick
  • Back of substrate must be CLEAN - NO RESIST on back

ABM's High Resolution Mask Aligner is a very versatile instrument with interchangeable light sources which allow Near-UV (405-365 nm) as well as Mid- and Deep-UV (254 nm, 220 nm) exposures in proximity (non-contact) or contact (soft & hard) modes. The exposure can cover an area 200 mm in diameter. The bottom-mount mask system accommodates masks from 4 to 9 inches square and substrates from small chips to wafers up to 200 mm. The alignment tooling system also features an air-bearing substrate-to-mask planarization system for wedge-error compensation. The printing resolution is 0.8 µm for Near-UV and 0.4 µm for Mid-UV and Deep-UV in vacuum contact mode. Exposures in Mid- and Deep-UV require quartz masks.


  • Hard or Soft Contact Modes
  • Any size or shape sample up to 200mm diameter and 0.250" thick.
  • UV, Mid-UV, and DUV Exposure Modes
  • Split-field CCD Zoom Microscope Alignment System
  • Bottom-mounting Mask Holders
  • Infra-red backside alignment for 2" and smaller substrates
ABM Results
Near-UV Vacuum Contact, Rohm and Haas S1805 550nm, PAB 115C 45 sec., ABM 1.1 sec., PEB 115C 30 sec., Dev. 300MIF 45 sec.