Contact Angle Measurement Tool

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    The Rame-Hart 500 contact angle goniomter/tensiometer is capable of measuring contact angle and determining the surface energy of a sample. Contact angle measurements are useful for determining the surface properties of a material. This can include a surface's wettability and its surface free energy. The contact angle can help to determine the cleanliness of a surface and to verify that a particular chemical modification has taken place.

    • Can determine surface free energy of liquids or solids or contact angle.
    • Automated Dispensing System which can be controlled by the computer
    • Environmental Chamber, capable of a temperature range from 0-300 C, gas composition control, atmospheric pressures from 1-0.6 atm.
    • Quartz cell, for liquid/liquid, inverted sessile drop, and captive bubble studies.
    • Sample size: Material requirements: The surface can be as small as about 0.5 x 0.5 cm, and at least as large as an 8 inch Si wafer. A typical drop covers an area 1-2 mm in diameter. The region being tested should be chemically uniform over at least that size area.
    • Liquid requirements: At least 100 microliters, compatible with a glass microsyringe.
    Hanging Droplet Measurement
    A hanging droplet measurement in progress
    Contact angle measurement
    A contact angle measurement in progress