ITO Sputter Deposition System

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Additional Restrictions
  • None

The Kurt J. Lesker sputtering tool is currently configured to sputter Indium-Tin Oxide (ITO). The tool uses a 90% Indium /10% Tin target to reactively sputter with the oxygen introduced into the chamber. The composition of the ITO can be varied by controlling the percentage of oxygen that is introduced into the chamber. The lower the oxygen content; the more uniform, but the less transparent and more metallic the film will be. The tool has substrate rotation and heating capabilities up to 350°C. By heating the substrate you can create denser films. The tool has two platens: one for three 4" wafers and one that can handle a single wafer up to 8" in size. Uniformity ranges from 3-10% depending on how the sample is mounted.


ITO with 90% indium/10% tin target