ASML PAS 5500/300C DUV Wafer Stepper

Web-based Training #1: RSRCH - CNF - ASML Stepper Training Video

IMPORTANT: the indicated documentation on this page is REQUIRED READING.

Tests are OPEN BOOK.

Web-based Training #2: RSRCH - CNF - ASML Wafer Stepper Job Programming Video Training

This training assumes prior knowledge of or experience in photolithography; General Photolithography Training is a minimum requirement. Sign up for: RSRCH - CNF - General Photolithography Overview Video Training (web-based training):

Training for PROLITH lithography simulation software is available in CULearn. Sign up for: RSRCH - CNF - PROLITH Video Training

Additional Restrictions
  • Standard SEMI spec wafers ONLY based on current tool configuration
  • Carrier wafers MUST be approved by Photolith staff
  • Back of substrate must be CLEAN - NO RESIST on back
  • Mask must be CLEAN - no resist or fingerprints

This projection printer uses a DUV (248nm) lens column (0.63 N.A.) to provide a 4:1 reduction with an exposure field size up to 22mm square. Minimum feature size is <0.20µm. The number and placement of the dies is programmable. Wafer sizes of 3" up to 200mm can be accommodated, and pieces with significant effort. Registered alignment is typically <0.045µm, even when using backside alignment. 6" x 0.250"-thick quartz masks are used.

  • Step and repeat exposure system with laser-controlled stage motion
  • Zeiss lens with 0.63 - 0.40 Variable N.A.
  • DUV (248 nm) exposure wavelength
  • Programmable Annular Illumination modes
  • 22 x 22 mm field size
  • 3D-Align Backside alignment