DWL2000 Laser Pattern Generator and Direct Write Tool

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Additional Restrictions
  • Masks Only - either 0.090" or 0.250" thick
  • NO wafers, pieces or other substrates

The Heidelberg Instruments DWL 2000 is an economical, high resolution direct write pattern generator for direct writing on photosensitive Cr mask plates. The tool can handle mask sizes from 3 to 9 inches. The unit has an interchangeable write head that can accommodate different feature sizes for writing. The smallest feature size is 0.7 microns and 0.6 microns with the 4mm and 2mm write heads, respectively.

DWL 2000 system consists of the main system unit, an XP-based PC for running job files, a Linux based PC for data conversion and a pattern generator (located in the service chase). The tool accepts files of various format, for best results use the semiconductor standard GDSII format.

  • Write Lens 4mm - 0.7um nominal resolution at 110mm^2/min
  • Write Lens 2mm - 0,6um nominal resolution at 29mm^2/min
  • Direct write on masks 3 to 9 inches in extent
  • GDSII pattern files preferred
  • Metrology and alignment system for multi-layer exposures and metrology measurements.