CMOS N+ Polyslicon Furnace

Training for the furnace area covers the pre-furnace MOS clean, atmospheric and LPCVD processes. It is scheduled on a need basis, please email the tool manager for training requests. Include MOS area training in the subject header. You will be notified when the next scheduled training will be by email.

Additional Restrictions
  • MOS CLEAN required prior to use
  • Only use designated MOS holders, wands and tweezers

The CMOS N+ LPCVD Polysilicon Furnace is a low pressure CVD furnace with a 40” flat zone capable of processing up to 6” diameter wafers. Process gases available are SiH4, He/PH3 mix for in-situ doping, and HCL for cleaning. Samples are restricted to silicon based materials only and CMOS restricted tools and films.