Training for the FilMetrics systems is done with a training video available in CULearn as course RSRCH - CNF - FilMetrics Film Measurement. Once you have watched the entire video you are authorized to use the FilMetrics tools.


The F50 system can be used for measurements of thickness, refractive index(n), and dispersion(k), as well as wafer mapping of any of these properties from 20 nm up to 70 micron. The F50 is located in the photolithography suite in the CNF cleanroom and is equipped with a filter to enable measurement of photoresist films without exposing them.

A film model must be available that gives the n & k of the film over the optical wavelength range of the tool (380 nm - 1700 nm for the F50-EXR). For new films, the Woollam Spectroscopic Ellipsometer can give a thorough analysis and generate the required data so that the faster FilMetrics can be used for thickness mapping and other measurements.