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Tool Category 3: Silcion, III-V Compound Semiconductor, Glass and Metal Category
Allowed Not Allowed
Tool category 1/1E and 2 materials Glass Substrates
III/V compound Semiconductors allowed No CNF Class A or Class B metals-and oxides/compounds of i.e. (Magnesium,Zinc, Barium, Calcium)
PECVD and ALD  Films No High Vapor pressure materials
Cured organics and baked Photoresist  
Organic/Bio Materials prepped w/o Salt Buffers  

High Vapor Pressure Metals and Compounds are materials that have a vapor pressure above 1e-6 Torr at 400 C.

Oxford 81 Etcher

Additional Restrictions
  • No gold or silver etching
  • No high vapor pressure materials (lead, indium, ITO)
  • No microscope slides
  • Do not exceed maximum RF power of 300W
  • Do not clean chamber with wipes or solvent. Report contamination to tool manager

Plasma-Therm Takachi HDP-CVD

Additional Restrictions
  • If any polymer is present on wafer, 5mm of the edge must be removed
  • Polymers must be fully cured at least 25C hotter than the deposition temperature
  • No metals should be exposed to the plasma without staff approval

PT770 Etcher - Left Side (Metal Etch)

Additional Restrictions
  • 4-inch wafers only.
  • Photoresist mask - edge bead must be removed (5mm ring) if using 4-inch wafers
  • Pieces should be mounted to sapphire wafer
  • Do not change recipes without staff approval

PT770 Etcher - Right Side (III-V)

Additional Restrictions
  • Photoresist, oxide, nitride, nickel masking only
  • Photoresist mask - edge bead must be removed (5mm ring) if using 100mm wafers
  • Limited metal masking allowed - see tool manager